Mark began dabbling with photography in his late teens, his interests in the natural environment led him to capture images of landscapes, wildlife and anything else that interested him. The learning curve rose steeply upon purchasing his first DSLR, and Mark became heavily involved in the medium.

Soon after, Mark was lucky to have a chance meeting with Flip Schulke, an American  photojournalist, famous for his coverage of the space race, the civil rights movement, Mohammed Ali, JFK and much more. Flip visited Mark quite often during his stay in the UK and they became quite close. This was responsible for much of Mark’s inspiration. Flip later passed away in May 2008 having photographed many of the 20th century’s defining events and personalities.

Mark planned for a change of direction and enrolled at the Thames Valley University to further study photography and develop his creative eye. Surrounded by great people and facilities, Mark left prepared for a career with a grade of double distinction and was also the first photographer from the establishment to be given their ‘Award for creative excellence’.

Digital Noise Photography was originally born in Reading, England to cover musical events, with a focus on Dance music, but has expanded into weddings, property, portraits, corporate events and PR stunts. Shoots have included Jamie Oliver, Suzi Perry and England rugby star Chris Ashton. Work has reached major publications such as The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Barrister Magazine and many other applications.

Mark has worked on the Sony Alpha UK team as a Digital Imaging Specialist, training people on Sony’s photographic products. Mark has recently begun to operate low light workshops and seminars in colleges and camera clubs in an attempt to inspire people to explore their cameras more. In his spare time he likes to concentrate upon his love for night photography.

Please read through the blog for updates on Mark’s recent escapades, as he tours the UK and abroad taking a very different approach to documenting the stranger, less visited parts of our world.

Prints are available for purchase direct, please enquire via email or use the contact page for further information.

If you have an organisation that would like to learn more about night photography, and would like to organise an event with Mark, please feel free to get in touch.