The Knog Qudos

I first looked at purchasing one of these lights to add to my ever growing Gopro accessory pile, but the more I thought about it, the more uses I could find for it. Somehow it found it’s way into my lighting bag (then multiplied), and I’ve been very impressed with what it can do.

The Qudos is made by Knog, an Australian Cycling company; designed to sit alongside a Gopro and thus compatible with it’s mounting system. The shell is of chunky aluminium and is essentially a heat sink for it’s face full of three ultra-bright Cree LEDs, pumping out a claimed 400 lumen output which makes it quite powerful, especially for it’s size. Five different lighting modes are available, offering some control over the intensity and spread. The unit is powered by it’s own removable 1000 mAh lithium polymer battery which features it’s own micro USB charging socket and LED indicator. The light is available in either silver or black. Naturally, I chose black and once I’d already bought it I remembered the Qudos has a neat party trick.

As it’s designed to go everywhere your gopro does, the Qudos is waterproof to 40 metres. This boosts it’s versatility somewhat. It’s suitable for diving deeper than most average divers would ever go.

Sold in a nice tin, the Qudos comes packaged with one battery and a tidy little micro USB cable to charge it. There are two mounting screws; one long and one short. A twin mount to attach the light alongside a Gopro, and a handy little hotshoe mount for a DSLR.

Qudos Accessories

I’d daydreamed about a light that was waterproof, and rugged enough to cope with the abuse it would inevitably receive on location, in mines, sewers and such. I’m a big fan of Gopro’s ingenious mounting system, so something I could integrate with that would be extremely useful… Then this turned up.

The Qudos is easily mounted on a tripod, caving helmet, head strap, pole, or even my dog. It’s already had good use as a bicycle light in the winter evenings and will be useful on a camera hot shoe to help with framing in low light. I keep thinking of ways I can use it.

It’s got a good, solid feel in the hand, the power button feels of the same quality to that of the Gopro which makes a nice touch. The clip which holds the back door in place has a nice action and bestows a sense of reliability.

Thanks to the batteries’ own micro USB socket I can charge the lights on the go with a USB power bank.

The daylight balanced 5500K colour temperature appears slightly warmer to the eye than most LEDs, and a touch more appealing. There’s a bit of a green tint which is easily removed when shooting Raw, no more than any other LED light.

The Qudos can currently be purchased for £89.99 from London Camera Exchange

This is what Marley got up to with the lights in the back garden.

Marley Light Dog

Marley LP

Here’s a handful of other images I’ve created with the Qudos in the short time I’ve had them…

Station Approach


G Res

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