A lovely day to get hitched.

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July and August worry me the most as far as the weather is concerned. Experience shows that no matter how much planning you put in, you can never predict the weather on the day you get married. Contrary to last year’s ¬†torrential downpours, the first few days of July have actually been quite like they should be, for once!

David and Zoe were lucky to have such a lovely day, and when the time is spent with good company in a beautiful location like Gant’s Mill in Somerset you really feel all the elements of a truly special day coming together.

Gant’s Mill was once owned by John O’Gaunt, from whom it gained it’s name. There has been a mill on site since before the Domesday book and the current building may have parts that date back that far. ¬†With a quick tour around by Greg, the owner, we were all far more clued up on how a mill works and I’d have loved a chance to concentrate on the building itself but of course that’s not what we’re there for, and don’t even think about that nice old stone culvert under the house either.

It was great for me to catch a bit of sun light too after my recent plague of underground photography, I could probably do with some vitamin D in my body now and then.

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