The Great Globe

The Great Globe at Durlston

Just a one hit wonder this one, a quick visit to a site I’ve wanted to light up for years. The Durlston Globe, perched above a cliff top on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast  is one of the largest stone spheres in the world.

The Durlston Estate was established by George Burt in 1886 as a tourist attraction, including the construction of his Folly, Durlston Castle. Coupled with it’s location on the dramatic coastline South of Swanage and the estate’s other attractions like the Tilly Whim Caves, the site became a popular getaway for the public.

The estate was purchased by Dorset County Council in 1970 and is still open to the public as a visitors centre, except for the caves which are now closed to the public after significant collapses.


While setting up I missed out on a shot of the ISS as it passed right through my intended frame, but occasionally it’s nice just to sit back and watch…

This wasn’t one of those occasions, I was annoyed to have missed out!


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