Chudnite Skali

Chudnite Skali is very interesting natural rock phenomenon which stands alone, beside the large Tsonevo reservoir, near the village of Asparuhovo. Their Bulgarian name is simply translated as ‘wonderful rocks’.

The conical rock needles stand at up to fifty metres tall, projecting upwards from the water like the organic towers of a mythical castle . They were formed over thousands of years by the effects of water and wind erosion.

Chudnite Skali

Despite being located in a national park, protected from damage, past authorities thought it would be a great idea to bore a tunnel right through the rocks for a gravel track to pass through. It’s hard to know whether this is a bad thing or not as it allows you to reach right inside the strange formations which makes for a lovely walk on a scorching summer’s evening, provided you keep an eye out for the snakes!

The Tsonevo reservoir is a truly beautiful place. The main road from Aytos to Provadia passes through the valley, as does the main rail link from Plovdiv to Varna. With the transport infrastructure comes a series of ugly, utilitarian viaducts which carry the road and railway over the water.  The area surrounding the lake is shaped like a large bowl meaning the sounds of occasional freight and passenger trains echo across the landscape for an eternity.


The Tsonevo Reservoir

As the sun sinks below the elevated sky line, strange sounds begin to emanate from the water. Within minutes, these noises reach a crescendo, the calls of thousands of  Bull frogs. This is a constant accompaniment on the evening, they don’t stop again until the sun rises over the hills.


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